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Overview of WorldStation™ Software For Government Customers

WorldStation™ Is a Networked Client/ Server Radio Control Application

WorldStation™ is a client, server software application designed to control radios of any make or manufacture, as long as they are equipped for computer control. The WorldStation™ client - the GUI or Graphical User Interface - is optimized for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The server code can run on a generic Linux, Unix or Windows host platform.

Our Driver Technology Can Bring Your Radio On-line In Hours

The unique driver architecture of WS 3.1 makes it easy to add support for any radio instruction set. All driver details are fire-walled at the driver level, completely insulating the radio from higher program functions. The driver receives high-level ASCII based control messages from the GUI and takes over from there. Your rack-mounted radios can gain years of extra service life, with enhanced controllability using our software. A typical high-level ASCII instruction set radio like the Ten-Tec RX-340 can be on-line in hours. We have an extensive library of radio GUI controls and control messages pre-built for the RX-340 (and other radios) which can be re-tasked to suit your needs.

WS 3.1 Supports Scanning Clusters of Radios Over A Network

WS 3.1 can manage groups of radios over a standard TCP/IP LAN in a scanning cluster mode of operation. We call this capability HyperScan™. The cluster is fed a queue of messages and processes them in a FIFO manner. The more radios you add to the cluster, the faster the scanning that will occur. WS 3.1 has a built-in work-flow manager that collects the returning signal st strength data and routes it to it's respective scan panel. The scan panel display updates in real-time. A primary controller radio is always available to "point and click" tune into any active scan window.

WS 3.1 Supports High-Level Frequency Databases

WS 3.1 support hooks into relational databases via standard SQL commands. It can scan user definable bands or lists of individual frequencies. GUI tables are instantly loaded for "point and click" access by the operator.

Take Advantage of Dxtra's Free Driver Programming Offer

Dxtra already has drivers for the Ten-Tec RX-340 and RX-331 receivers. If you want to evaluate WS 3.1 for other receivers in your inventory, Dxtra will write the driver for you at no charge! Our source code is also available as a strong base to build your own "next generation" of custom applications. WS 3,1 is completely modular and object-oriented throughout its design. Please contact us via phone or email.




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