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(3/30/2013) WorldStation™ 4.5 now supports the Anthem AVM 20, Anthem AVM 30, Anthem AVM 40 and the Anthem AVM 50 home theater processors | Introductory price of ony $49.95 for WorldStation™ 4.5 for Anthem | WS 4.5 has a new scalable GUI for the RX-320D | Click here for the new WorldStation™ 4.5 User Guide On-Line | Click to join Dxtra's WorldStation™ User Group

WorldStation™ 4.5 is a full-featured software package (Now With Real-Time Twitter built in!) that controls a shortwave radio receiver via a USB connection to your PC. The Windows 7/8, Vista and XP operating systems are fully supported.

NEW Twitter Interface: Now you now can run our WorldStation™ software and use it's Twitter real-time interface. By entering your keywords you can scan literally millions of Tweets in real-time for topics of interest to you. Any shortwave frequencies posted on Twitter can be used to automatically tune your radio! The interface includes extensive Twitter management tools as well.

A video is worth a thousand words. Check out our state-of-the-art frequency databases in the YouTube videos below.

Dxtra is the developer of the popular WorldStation™ Radio Control Software." Power", "flexibility" and "reliability" and just plain fun are several words to describe our software. We cover all the bases from scanning, databases, TCP/IP networking, Internet Conferencing and much more. We have written drivers to support not only the RX-320D but many additional radios such as the RX-340, Orion, ICOM R-75, Drake R8/AB and the Racal 6790/GM.">

This point-and-click "TV Guide" like table is updated automatically every minute for effortless "channel surfing". The factory software that ships with the radio does not have anywhere near the feature set of WorldStation™ and provides basic tuning only. Shortwave radio is known for frequent channel changes — there are over 1,000 actively used shortwave "channels" (i.e. frequencies) but their use varies by time of day, location and even season of the year. So having database support is an indispensable tool. The database will instantly answer questions like "What are all the active BBC World Service frequencies right now?" or "Can I hear Radio Australia from the East Coast of the US in the morning?" (yes you can on 9580 KHz) .

Already have a receiver? Our WorldStation™ 4.5 control software is sold separately for the Ten-Tec RX320, RX-340/331, RX-350, ICOM R-75, Ten-Tec Orion and Orion II, Ten-Tec Jupiter, Drake R8A/B, Racal 6790/GM and the TCI 8174 receivers.

New Feature: Click here for a Google Interactive Map of World Shortwave Transmitters!


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CLICK to Listen to a Pre-Recorded Audio Sample of a DRM DIGITAL Shortwave Broadcast recorded from an RX-320D

All Ten-Tec receivers come equipped with a standard serial port for easy connection to your PC via a serial cable or USB/serial cable (provided). Our software is also fully integrated with the popular EiBi, Aoki and HFCC shortwave databases and features our exclusive "one click" update feature. All database functions from acquiring the file off the web, parsing it and updating the database are done automatically for you.. Click here for a recorded audio sample from the RX-320D of the Voice of Russia recorded at our Long Island location. The RX-320D can also receive the new DRM digital shortwave broadcasts. Click here for a recorded DRM signal from Radio Canada International.

For emergency use, all Ten-Tec radios can optionally run off any 12 volt DC power supply. We ship worldwide via Fed-Ex.